Making some Tea Eggs

Tea Eggs

Another day of winter break, another day of making something from childhood.  While you can get these tea eggs at 7-Elevens in Taipei, a little bit harder to find it here.  Once again, easier than I thought it would be, since the local Chinese supermarket had something already mixed up so I don’t have to mix 7+ spices in the right proportions and put it in a bag myself.

Pretty easy.  Put the tea flavor packet and the powder into a saucepan with eggs (should be submerged).  I added 0.25 cup soy sauce, and 1 tea spoon mirin.  I also could have added some more white pepper powder and additional tea leaves, that will be next time.

High for ~20 minutes, make sure eggs are fully cooked.  Use a spoon or tongs to crack the egg shells but leave it intact on the eggs.  Ideally marbled look.  Then turn down to low heat and simmer for another 1.5 hours.

Tea egg packet

Chinese marinade beef


Decided to make some Chinese marinated beef.  Luckily, instead of having to come up with the marinade all by myself and finding all the spices and whatnot, Lee Kum Kee already has it in a bottle called Selected Five Spice Marinade.

The sauces

Process was pretty simple. 1 pound shoulder beef, 0.75 cup LKK marinade, 0.25 cup soy sauce, 1.5 cup water, table spoon mirin, 1 lump (~60g) of rock sugar.  Throw it all into a small sauce pan.  Bring to boil, then simmer for ~2 hours.


Back to having a blog

Last time I blogged and jotted down my thoughts Doogie Howser style was back in 2010, when TEALS first started.

I kept up the blog for a year and a half or so.  Promoted by the education class I was taking at UW at the time to get me thinking about CS education.  Teaching 1 period a day, and eventually starting TEALS.  I stopped right as the school year started and things got very busy.  Fortunately, the old blog still exits!

I hope this blog will give me the time to put my thoughts together not just on running TEALS from a personal point of view, but a few other things I’m interested in:
Alfa Romeos (driving and fixing), traveling, cooking, soccer, F1, gadgets, ABBA, cured meats, beer, British quiz shows, and who knows.